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Spay/Neuter Options

The Spay/Neuter Options sheet should be the 2nd paper on the left. 

We always try to get the dog spayed or neutered while still in foster! 

The spay/neuter team (Lacy Bray, Kristen Roth, and Brandon Wolf) will try to contact the foster and get it scheduled asap. 

To schedule at Transit Animal Hospital, please call Lacy 716-771-8373 or Kristen 716-628-3432. 

To schedule at Operation Pets, call the clinic directly and then inform someone from the team of the appointment date. 

To schedule at Rochester call Brandon 716-525-3339.

After spay/neuter, please follow postop instructions regarding no bath, wearing a cone 24/7, and limit activity! These are to prevent infection, wound complications, hernias, and other complications.

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