Foster to Adopt

Young Family with Pet Dog
Girl Hugging her Dog

The foster-to-adopt program allow families to select a dog from a shelter that is in need of rescue. The dog is picked up directly from transport and is fostered for 7 days to evaluate if they are a perfect match for your home. After 7 days, the family decides between adopting the dog, or fostering the dog until a better matched family is found to adopt the dog.


1. Guaranteed a dog from transport. No competition of a waiting list. 

2. Longer time to spend with the dog

3. Better idea of their personality

4. Able to see the dog in your household


1. Limited information from the shelter 

2. Health and behavior is not pre-screened

3. Medical care is at the rescue's discretion

4. Dog is picked up directly from transport

After spending 1 week with the dog, our foster-to-adopt liaison will contact you to set up a time to finalize the adoption. This is usually done within 3 days of deciding whether or not to adopt after the initial week.  The dog is the property of NCCR until we receive your signed contract and payment.

In order to be approved for this program, you must submit an application that includes a veterinary reference (if applicable) and personal references.  A home visit will be conducted by one of our volunteers.  Foster-to-adopt homes are held to the same standards that we would expect from our foster homes.  In addition, applicants must sign the foster-to-adopt agreement which requires compliance with all of the foster-to-adopt terms and conditions.

If you are interested in this option, fill out the adoption application using the button below! Becoming pre-approved will give you both the option of traditional adoption or foster-to-adopt.