Zelda & Zola


Zelda and Zola at the shelter in Texas

Zola and Zelda were plucked off the streets of Texas. It’s believed they were born to a stray dog in the area and until picked up by AC, they probably had almost zero human contact. They were understandably terrified and would hide as much as possible if anyone would pass by their kennel. The volunteers in Texas saw their potential, they were just babies who deserved a chance. They were thankfully transferred to a foster to start to learn love for the first time. They would shake and cower away, hiding whenever possible. But slowly with patience and time, they started to learn to trust and to see they were safe. Finally becoming happy puppies, like they always should have been.


Zelda went to foster home first and was adopted. However, Zola went directly to her new furever home through our Foster-to-Adopt program. In this program the dog comes straight from the shelter and goes directly into the adopters home off transport.

Zola in her new furever home

From Zola's Adopters:

"It's amazing what a little love can do for a dog! When we brought Zola home, she was so scared of everything. If you raised a hand to pet her, she would cower, when we took her out to the yard, she would lay in the grass and shake uncontrollably. My heart broke for her, but slowly as she got used to us and began to trust us, we started to see her personality shine through. The first time I heard her bark was day 2 after adoption. She barked at our cat Bailey who was too close to her food bowl for Zola to trust. Now, Zola chases her around the house. She even learned to climb the baby gate to get into the cats room lol, we are still working on that! But sometimes we catch them giving each other little kisses, so we think they are secret friends. Zola is so full of energy. She loves to play fetch. When we first brought her home, she took all of her toys and hid them behind our couch. It was almost like she didn’t trust us not to take them away, now she has them all over the house. She brings them to us and plays all the time. She is a big cuddle bug! Her favorite spot is on the recliner chair with my daughter Kiera or in mommy’s bed. And I swear she sleeps on her back like a human, it’s the cutest thing. I was nervous about doing foster to adopt. I was nervous she wouldn’t take to us and that it would overwhelm me. But the transformation happened so quickly and naturally. We’ve only had her about 3 weeks but it feels like a lifetime. I can’t even tell you how in love with her we are! My daughter is an only child and she and Zola are inseparable now. I just want to thank everyone at Nickel City who made this possible. The process was so incredibly easy and everyone made me feel like I had complete support being a new puppy mom. We couldn’t imagine our lives without Zola!"

Thanks for reading Zola's adoption story!

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