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Sarah & Sid


Photos from Sarah in the shelter, her Tx foster, and then after giving birth in our rescue

From Flights to Furever, the rescue in Texas:

"Sarah came into animal control, terrified and obviously pregnant. She was shut down and didn’t want to be touched or even looked at. We were leaving on transport, so unfortunately she would have to wait. When we returned, Sarah was still hiding in corners, we were worried she was too big of a project, who was going to take a chance on this terrified dog who was pregnant?! Once again though, the support from our rescue partners shocked us. They said if we could get her to NY, they would take her! Plans were throw into action and we prayed she would hold off on having the pups. Sarah while obviously very scared, seemed to know we were trying to help her and was a good girl. She got checked out at the vet, got her paperwork, and the next morning flew out!

Sarah arrived safe and sound to waiting volunteers in NY and only a few days later went into labor, giving birth to 6 beautiful puppies. She is being an amazing mom and the entire little family is doing well. Seeing Sarah safe and transforming into a trusting dog with patience and time has filled our hearts with joy. We had just about given up hope for Sarah and her pups, but now they truly have a second chance!

Thank you to everyone who has had a part in her journey so far, it truly takes an army but is possible!"


Sarah and puppies in their foster home (click right arrows for additional pics)

From Sarah's foster:

"Sarah came to us just two days before giving birth. We were told that she was completely unsocialized and very wary of humans. She stopped eating the second day after she arrived (sign of labor) and sure enough, she gave birth to six beautiful puppies early on a Monday morning. She made it look effortless! All of the puppies were happy and healthy and Sarah, while extremely shy, was an excellent mama. During those eight weeks of caring for her pups, she learned to trust us (her foster family). After her puppies were all adopted, she really joined the family and started sleeping with us and night and playing with our dogs. She loved our four year old daughter and we grew very attached to her. We told her she didn't have to leave until she found the perfect family! Within a few weeks, the perfect family came along..."

*Warning- graphic video of Sarah's birthing*


After adoption, we received updates on Sarah (now Rosie) and one of her puppies Sid! Here's what their adopters have to say about how they're doing!

Sid's Adoption

Pictures of Sid in his furever home (click right for more photos)

From Sid's Adopters:

"We adopted Sid back in August. Our older dog had died last November and was also a rescue. After a slow recovery we knew it was time. As a family we decided to only rescue animals. Through the help of facebook we stumbled upon Sid and his brothers and sisters. We knew one of them had to be ours. Before our meet and greet we had our mind set on his brother Sawyer. But upon meeting Sid, we knew we couldn't have anyone else. Immediately he fit right in. He has brought joy and love and purpose into our house. We couldn't thank Nickel City enough for all they do! And most importantly bringing Sid into our lives."

Video of Sid in his furever home!

Sarah's Adoption

Photo's of Sarah (now Rosie) in her furever home! (click right for more photos)

From Sarah's (now Rosie's) adopters:

"I AM ALL ABOUT ADOPT DON'T SHOP. I was looking for a puppy for A WHILE- hitting up multiple local puppy yoga events.... there were a couple puppies I fell in love with, but the adoptions just didn't work out. As I get older, I really am starting to believe that everything happens for a reason. I was SET on getting a puppy, but when I saw a picture of (then 1 y/o momma Sarah) and then heard her story, I knew she was meant to be ours. It's so funny because I wanted a girl dog so I could dress her up in CUTE PINK sweaters. Rosie isn't a huge fan of cute girly stuff because it doesn't fit her 'wonder woman' personality. This dog is truly a warrior but she is the sweetest thing! Despite all she had been through... fending for her life on the streets of Texas AND having 6 puppies, she does not have one mean bone in her body. She loves ALL DOGS just like I do and has made a ton of doggie friends already. It's funny because my dog I already had helps teach her things, like walking on a leash, but i think he has learned some things from her as well. Now they both cuddle with me and my family every night curled up on our laps and we could not be happier! Shout out to my foster Katie Izzo... I dont think I have EVER MET a sweeter or more dedicated foster than her! Thanks Nickel City for adding love to our family!"

Congrats to Sarah (now Rosie), Sid, the rest of her puppies, and their new furever families!