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Rachel and her brother Ross were found late at night at a Dollar General trying to run into store. It was raining and they were soaked and thin. The manager took them home and was planning on keeping them. Once she noticed worms in her stool, she decided she didn't want sick dogs and called the Paws Crossed Rescue in Alabama. They took them straight to the vet and the puppies were diagnosed with Coccidia. They were treated and with time became healthy while in the rescue. Rachel was able to make her trip here to Buffalo! However, it didn't end there for this family... A month later, another puppy showed up at the creek by the store that looked just like them and was named River Grace. Then two weeks later, their mother showed up at the store and she was rescued by Paws Crosses as well. They knew her owners and when they let them know they had the mamma and her puppies, they laughed. They said she loves to roam and keeps having pups, but the puppies disappear. They said they wanted their dog back; however, they never came to get her and is officially rescued in Alabama as well.


Rachael in her foster home (clock to the right for more photos)

From Rachel's Foster:

Rachel had a rough start and unfortunately had to come without her brother because he was too sick to travel. Luckily she had 2 other canine foster siblings to play with once arriving to Buffalo. Rachel was a sweet, loving little girl. She loved being held and played with. She was tiny but mighty! If she thought something was out in the yard, she was down the steps barking and protecting her foster siblings Jasper and Mikey while those two scaredy cats were hiding in the doorway. She differently knew how to take care of herself, but even though she was so independent, she also loved to be held.


Rachel (now Lily) in her furever home!

From Rachel's Adopters:

Lily ( formerly Rachel) is a blessing to our family. Before she came to her foster family, at 8 weeks old, she and her brother had been found roaming the streets in front of a Dollar General down in Alabama. Having to search for food and water constantly couldn’t have been easy for her, especially at such a young age. While scrolling through Facebook I fell in love. She was an absolutely adorable looking puppy. When I read about her calm, snuggly demeanor, I knew she was our furever puppy. There was just something about her. We brought her home and made a scavenger hunt for the kids. When they found out at the end of all those clues that we made them search for was a puppy, they were elated! As were we. Lily has made great strides since we brought her home! She has potty training nearly down, with only an accident here or there. She’ll sleep in her crate all night, without an accident. She loves to play with all her new toys, especially her squeaky chicken and her crinkly corn on the cob. The kids call her Lily, but since we have a toddler, Lily also answers to Willy. She loves nothing more than chasing, playing with, and eating bugs! Every now and then, she’ll try to eat a spiderweb as if it’s a part of a cotton candy! And she loves to be outside! Especially if it’s to protect her new human brothers from all the bunny rabbits in the back! She loves hanging out with other dogs, doesn’t mind cats, and loves people, especially if she can give them kisses! She is getting so big! She really loves her water! She can’t get enough! She’s even good in the bath! She is so perfect. There’s nothing greater than playing with her with the kids, the sounds of little puppy growls and children’s laughter filling our home. Only to follow up with Lily snuggles, as we get the kids to bed. It’s a blessing to have her. I knew I wanted a family dog but never did I think we’d be so lucky as to have a perfect puppy dog pal like Lily. She even has her own Instagram- rescuemealilypad. Follow her to see her through all her future adventures! We are so grateful to Lily’s foster mom, Beth for setting her up with such a great start to her life, and then trusting us enough with her to give her the furever home she’s always deserved.

Congrats to Lily and her furever family!

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