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Natalie's posting from CBAS

Natalie initially found herself rescued at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter and looking for a home. However, a post was made to the CBAS dogs needing foster/rescue group reaching out to ask for help. Natalie was not handling shelter life very well. While she was an energetic, happy girl, all the noise and activity was just too much for her! She needed out! We were told she was becoming too stressed and shutting down, so one of fosters stepped in to take her.


Natalie in her first foster mom's home

Here's what Natalie's first foster, Alexis, said about her after receiving her from the CBAS:

One day I got a message sent from my rescue about a dog that was stressed out at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter. I said I’d be there tomorrow. That’s when I met Natalie. The two things I noticed were how adorable she was and that she didn’t seem trained in the least bit. Although I didn’t know her past, I was pretty sure she hadn’t been walked on a leash many times, wasn’t trained any commands, and therefore probably not cared much about. You could tell that she had a little bit of disconnect from humans because of how she was raised. The thing I love about pitbulls the most is that they can endure so much and still be so loving. My boyfriend and I called her an “aggressive cuddler” because she would wedge her way in between us to cuddle both of us at night. We couldn’t say no to that, not knowing if she had that love before. She was a lot of work and progress was slow, but we were patient and understanding to her adjustment. It’s hard not knowing where she came from and what she went through, so I just wanted her to be a normal dog. She was hilarious and she was sweet! She helped me learn more about rescuing and fostering dogs. I ended up switching my life around a little bit with school and moving, so another foster took her in until she got adopted and gave her more than I could at the time. I’m grateful for my time with Natalie and what she taught me. In the end, I think she helped me just as much as I helped her.

Natalie's 100th day in foster care

Natalie was an extremely sweet girl, but definitely a challenge! She was spunky, energetic, a strong personality, and we learned she could jump a 6 foot fence! Unfortunately she was in a couple different foster homes during her time with us until finding the right one. Natalie was with us for just under 120 days and we were honestly wondering if she was ever going to be adopted! However, on her 100th day, during a sleep over with her first foster mom, she had a photo shoot! Her photo at her 100 day mark was shared well over 500 times on Facebook and helped get the attention she needed.


Natalie (Now Macie) in her new furever home!

From Natalie's (Now Macie's) Adopter:

"Our Boston Terrier was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his nasal passage and was having a lot of difficulties. After meeting with our veterinarian, we agreed it was time to lay our sweet old man to rest. We made an appointment for a week out. Later that day my girls and I were scrolling through the adoptable dogs on Nickel City- my girls wanted another Boston. We came across Macie (Natalie at the time) and my girls thought she looked like a giant Boston, though a different breed. I completed the paperwork, had a home visit, and got approved for adoptions.

We met Macie at the office in Williamsville. She was so excited to meet us and VERY energetic. Lots of jumping, licking, and even some nipping. We loved on her and petted her and she laid right on the floor with us and soaked up all our love. My daughter took her for a walk outside (well, more like Macie took her for a walk!). We learned Macie would need A LOT of training but we instantly fell in love with her sweet, silly personality so we agreed to adopt her. A week later we picked her up from her foster Mom.

The night we brought her home, I thought….what the heck did I get myself in to?!! This dog had no respect for personal space, peed and pooped in the house (almost immediately when she arrived), tore apart anything she can get her teeth on, and wanted to play so badly with my girls that she nipped both of them several times. I knew she needed consistent, solid training. The next two days, I worked from home (glad I have the flexibility to do so). I kept her on a leash the entire time and set a timer for every 20 mins to walk her outside to go potty and made sure to give her tons of pets, reassuring her she was ok. The third day she was settling in. She laid quietly and chewed on her bone, off leash and was even starting to go to the door when she heard the “potty” alarm. We took her on lots of walks and worked on her not pulling so badly. She is very strong willed and requires a firm voice and patience. Macie played tug with my girls and tore apart way too many of their stuffed animals (whoops….guess they didn’t lean the first time to close their bedroom doors) and really became attached to me. She follows me everywhere I go. She lays in the middle of the kitchen floor while I cook. She stands outside the bathroom door, and she most certainly knows where the treat cabinet is! Lol.

The progress she has made in the last 3 weeks is astounding. She is still a wild, crazy, young dog but we love her more every day……. and the best part? Our Boston Terrier has eaten every single meal since the day we brought Macie home and she cleans his runny nose and goope\y eyes for him. They play together and bask in the sun in the backyard together. When he starts sneezing, she is the first one there to make sure he is ok. Macie has brought so much joy to our lives and has brought life back into her “brother”. Macie has such a silly, outgoing personality. She loves her toys, all of the kids in our family and is friendly towards every person she has met. We are so blessed to have her as part of our family and so thankful to Nickle City for keeping her safe until God led us to her."

Thank you for reading Macie's story!

Lastly, we at NCCR also wanted to give a HUGE thank you to Macie's new family! Melissa, her girls, and their 4H group helped us collect so many cans and bottles for our can drive fundraiser, It would not have been such a success without them! It took our volunteers multiple trips to pick them all up!