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Christy & Cindy


Christy was from a litter of 6 puppies from South Carolina. We had little to no information about their backstory, but knew they were in need and couldn't say no to those faces. Some of the siblings went into foster homes while other went through out foster-to-adopt program, including Christy.

Cindy was about 8 weeks old when her family ended up in a shelter in Texas. The mom was under a year old and had 5 kittens of her own and had also adopted a 12 week old kitten from another litter. When the rescue we partner with pulled them from the shelter, the momma and kittens were found to have Giardia, tape worm, fleas, and another intestinal parasite. They were treated and slowly began to improve each day. They were originally supposed to make their way to Buffalo in May, but due to the health concerns, they had to be held back until June's transport.


Once arriving in Buffalo, Christy went directly to her foster-to-adopt home and Cindy went to her foster home. Cindy and the rest of her family, otherwise known as the Brady Bunch, were fostered by This Old Cathouse based out of Rochester. Carol Brady was the first to find a home and her kittens soon followed. However, Cindy sat a little longer than some of her siblings.


Cindy (now Binx) and Christy (now Rogue) have settled into their furever home... together!

From Binx and Rogue's adopter:

"My family was searching for a new furry friend for a few months. We finally found the perfect puppy. Her name was Christy, she was just adorable, but stuck at a shelter in South Carolina and needed a foster or foster-to-adopt. The foster-to-adopt was appealing because we already had two cats, two kids, and another dog. It allowed us to make sure she was the right fit for our family. My husband and I were so nervous the night we were due to get her off transport. After waiting a few weeks for her to come in, you start to second guess yourself, but the moment we picked her up we knew she was our dog! The first few days were a little tiring, typical puppy stuff and adjusting her to her new home. She has come a long way from the tiny, dirty, sad looking puppy. Her name is now Rogue and its quite fitting. She greets our children every morning and is just so excited when she can have her whole family around. She enjoys playing with dogs, going for hikes, and loves trips to the pet store. We couldn't imagine life without her. The whole process was really eye opening for my family. While waiting for our little puppy to get here we saw another dog posted who's time was up, the more sugar coated way of saying death row. We pulled him to foster at the same time as our foster-to-adopt. Life changed after saving both of them. My family now consistently fosters puppies and dogs. Rogue just loves having a new dog to play with and is good at bringing them out of their shell so they can find their furever home like she did.

While we planned on only adopting Rogue from Nickel City it turns out we didn't stop there. A few months ago Nickel City pulled this adorable litter of kittens into rescue. My husband and I took one of our fosters to an adoption event where I finally got to meet one of the Brady Bunch kittens. I spent the whole time petting this beautiful tiny black kitten with big yellow eyes. At the end of the event we ended up adopting Cindy, now Binx, the tiny black kitten. It took a few weeks but her two cat brothers love her, well the one does, and Rogue couldn't be happier to have a new kitty sister!"

Congrats to Rogue, Binx, and their new furever family!

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