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Charlie & Missy


Charlie, Missy, and 2 of their other siblings in TX (3 other siblings not photographed)

Born on the streets in the country, this litter of 7 stood little chance of survival. With no animal control services, a Good Samaritan started feeding them and gaining their trust. She plucked them off the streets and was truly their first angel, keeping them safe until Rescue could be found.


Missy & Charlie in their foster home (click right to see more photos)

From Charlie & Missy's Foster:

"During the summer, our rescue was contacted by our partner down in Texas. There were four siblings that were losing their foster home in Texas and desperately needed a rescue to help them. In a moment of craziness, I offered to take all of them. I already had other foster dogs at the house and was worried that it was going to become too chaotic. But these puppies were wonderful! They were so well behaved for older puppies (5 months), played nicely with each other, and were gentle with my daughter. Our volunteers took two of the dogs, Charlie and Missy (now Lucy) to an adoption event in a church parking lot for me as I was unable to attend. When I arrived to pick them up, there was a wonderful family there who wanted to adopt BOTH of the dogs! I couldn’t believe it. They had stumbled upon us by chance on the way home from the SPCA.

The family sounded like the perfect fit. They applied for pre-approval that evening, and we quickly got them approved to adopt. The family even put up a temporary fence in 2 days! When I arrived at the home visit with the dogs, it was the perfect fit. They didn’t mind the puppies’ shyness, and were more than happy to give them the time they needed to come out of their shells. They adopted both dogs that evening and the rest is history!"


Charlie and Lucy (formerly Missy) in their furever home!

From Charlie & Lucy's adopters:

" How do you fill the cracks of a broken heart after you lose your 16-year-old best furry friend named Chance? Rescue two new furry friends!! We had just lost our beautiful and devoted 16-year-old pointer hound and our hearts were broken. As we were driving to the SPCA to begin looking for a new dog, we passed by a Satellite Nickel City Canine Rescue Meet-and-Greet. My husband, my two sons and I walked up and Charlie, a 5-month-old mix breed, met us. Although he was so young, he was very calm and affectionate.

The volunteers asked us questions and listened to our story. We mentioned that we wanted to look for two dogs because we felt that this time we wanted to make sure, when we were away, they had a friend to snuggle. As fate would have it, they informed us that just a few steps away was Lucy, Charlie’s sister. Two of a litter of seven who were found in Texas hiding under a shed.

We are so grateful to Nickel City Canine Rescue for their work rescuing these beautiful animals. Lucy and Charlie may have been rescued, but the truth is, they rescued us!"

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