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Brenda at the shelter in AL

Brenda was an owner surrender to a shelter in Alabama. We were told that she came from a really rough side of town with 2 other male dogs. All 3 were deemed aggressive by Animal Control and on the euthanasia list, they were pulled at the last minute when the Monroe County Animal Shelter decided to give them a chance! The dogs came around with some time and patience. The young male she arrived with was adopted within 2 months. Despite Brenda attending many adoption events, she couldn't find a home of her own. throughout her time, she had several different female kennel partners, all of which kept getting adopted or went to other rescues while she was left behind time and time again. Brenda spent a few weeks in a foster home while in Alabama which revealed what a great dog she truly was! Brenda spent a grand total of a year and a half in the shelter before she made her freedom ride to our rescue! We were told that many of the workers at Monroe cried when they heard the new she was finally being rescued.


Brenda with her foster mom Alexis

Here's what Alexis said about her time with Brenda:

"I signed up to finally try fostering and chose Nickel City Canine Rescue. I was beyond excited to help dogs that needed me. Monroe County Animal Shelter reached out to the rescue, pleading for Brenda to get what we call a “freedom ride” to a foster home because of two reasons. One was that she had been there about for a year and a half, and two was because there was that there was no reason why she hasn't been adopted yet. I didn’t even care to see her picture, I wanted to help her. Brenda did not disappoint. She was scared but willing. Car rides, going up a staircase to my apartment, getting on a couch, snow on the ground, and having a home was all new to her. I watched her learn and adjust to all of it. It brought so much happiness to my life to experience helping her. I had her for about a month and a half. When it finally came to finding her a home, I found her the best parents. I’m so happy that they applied and came to an event to meet her. I gave them the whole picture of her to make sure it was a good match. It was hard to say goodbye but it wasn’t goodbye forever. The best part of all of this was that I gave her an amazing home, one better than mine. Brenda’s new life is full of adventures and goofy love. I’ve gotten updates, see Facebook pictures, run into her and her parents, and hope to continue that for the rest of her life! What a wonderful first fostering experience and such a pleasure to see her adjust to what her life should’ve been all along."


Brenda in her furever home

From Brenda's Adopter:

"My boyfriend and I attended an adoption event back in February to talk to different rescues on their requirements and meet dogs. We came to the NCCR booth and amongst all the cute puppies was our little Brenda who is around 4 years old now.

We fell in love with her kind and gentle demeanor. We immediately applied for her and kept in contact with the foster mom to check in on her. We had our home check, a home visit with Brenda, and brought her into our home within a matter of a week and a half.

Her background is oh so sad (I personally reached out to the shelter to get her story). The shelter workers saw Brenda's love and potential to go to a good home, so they put out a plea to NCCR who took Brenda under their wing with her amazing foster mom.

When Brenda first came home to use, she was nervous and timid of everything around her including elevators, my boyfriend, other people, her harness, etc. It took a period of two weeks for Brenda to get acclimated and her personality has absolutely blossomed. She is NOT food aggressive, LOVES other dogs, and LOVES meeting new people. Give a rescue dog a change just like we did with Brenda. She is a completely different dog than how she was back in 2017 when she was first in the shelter. Thank you NCCR!"

Brenda playing in Conesus Lake

Thank you for reading our sweet Brenda's story!

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