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Bo & Loretta


Bo and Loretta at the vet office in Texas

Bo and Loretta were part of a litter of 5 puppies that were dumped in someone's back yard. It was quickly apparent that something was very wrong, as one after another they started to get very ill and pass away. The remaining two puppies were rushed to the vet by a good Samaritan, after an exam and some bloodwork, it was believed that the puppies appeared to have been poisoned. They were immediately hospitalized and started on treatment, including IV fluids to flush their system. Thankfully Bo and Loretta responded quickly to treatment and after a few days in hospital were ready to be released! At that time, Flights to Furever was notified and asked if they would be able to help find them rescue. They then made their way to us.


Bo & Loretta in their foster home (click to the right for more photos using arrows)

From Bo & Loretta's Foster:

"The moment I saw Bo and Loretta’s picture as needing foster, I knew they needed to be mine! I am a sucker for hound dogs. When Bo got to Buffalo, he immediately stole everyone’s heart. He had the cutest face, long soft ears, and short brown legs with white paws. He was one of the easiest fosters I've ever had. His favorite activities were eating and cuddling with whoever was on the couch. Bo was hard for me to give up, but I know he went to a great home and is living his best life. Loretta was a gorgeous girl, but a little spunkier. She loved to run and play! However, once she settled down she loved nothing more than to snuggle up with me while she took a nap."


Photos of Bo in his new home (click to the right for more photos using arrows)

From Bo's Adopters:

"For the last 9 years my fiancé and I have dreamed of growing up, moving in together, and starting a family. We’ve accomplished a lot together and after settling into our new home we were ready to expand our family. We knew we could provide a warm and potentially healing environment for a dog who needed a little extra TLC. When we learned about high kill shelters we knew rescuing was the right decision for us. Nickel City Canine Rescue had come highly recommended from friends who had found their perfect fur baby through them. The process was simple. A member of the group came to evaluate our home to make sure it was safe. We watched their website and social media after their transport trips, then once we saw a dog who we thought would be a good fit for our family, we messaged the rescue who helped us schedule a time to meet with their foster.

We knew Bo was perfect. He was playful, yet loving and cuddly. We were able to take him home that day. The rescue made the rest easy. They set up his neutering appointment and we were able to take care of any remaining vaccinations through them to avoid additional vet visits and fees. Bo’s foster answered any, and many, questions we had. Bo had always been a good puppy but since bringing him home his personality really bloomed. He’s pretty lazy for a pup, but when he wants to be heard he’ll let you know! Even though he’s a curious little hound and loves exploring, he never strays far from us. He loves to play with his friends, especially by pulling them by their leashes or even “sharing” their bones. Bo’s working on learning commands but we’re eager to start training classes soon! We’re excited for a family vacation coming up soon with many more adventures to come!"

Bo in his new home

Thank you for reading Bo and Loretta's story!

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