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Ada, Owen, & Orchid


Ada and her 3 puppies in animal control

Ada’s story is one of true survival. Ada could be seen wandering the streets with her six puppies in tow. She would often head to a local restaurant for scraps to survive. When animal control was contacted, Ada, while scared, readily accepted the help and three of her six puppies were also captured. The other 3 were terrified and took off. Ada and her three pups were taken to Animal Control in Uvalde, Texas. Upon arrival, Ada was very overwhelmed and scared as any dog would be, and her puppies were just as terrified, if not worse. They would hide in the back away from volunteers and not come up to the gate. They wanted to trust, but all they knew was life on the streets and being shooed away. Volunteers in Texas could see how sweet this family was, but knew they would need special help for them to learn to trust. Later a 4th puppy believed to be one of Ada’s was captured and brought in, he was even more scared then his siblings. Thankfully he was also pulled by a rescue and got his second chance. We unfortunately will never know what happened to the other two pups. Ada, Owen, Orchid, and Olive were all pulled out of animal control by the rescue we partner with in Texas and were able to make their way to our rescue in Buffalo.

Owen in his foster home while in Texas


Ada in her foster home and at adoption events

Ada went into a foster home while Owen, Orchid, and Olive all went directly to foster-to-adopt. Here's what Ada's foster said about her time with her:

"Ada was sweet from the moment she arrived, she loved everyone, but she was terrified to go inside the house or any buildings. It was very obvious that she had never lived in a home. It took her three days to venture out from my living room into my hallway and another day to explore my downstairs bedrooms. It was another two weeks for her to go into my kitchen and up the stair to the rest of my house. As expected, it was terrifying for her to go into a pet store or a meet & greet. At the first adoption event, she just shook with her tail between her legs for about 30 minutes but then managed to take a few steps into the store. She was still very friendly to everyone even though she was very nervous. I started to make daily trips to a local pet store to help her become more confident with new situations. Eventually, she was able to walk into the store on her own and go down every aisle without any problem. She met her soon-to-be new family at one of our adoption events and I knew that she would be afraid to enter a new home, so when I spoke to Sarah, her potential adopter, I explained to her that Ada would need extra time to be comfortable in a new environment. We decided that in Ada’s best interest, I would bring her to their house before the actual adoption to make her more relaxed. I brought Ada to their house two times before the adoption because she need that extra time. On adoption day, Ada was very comfortable in the house and I knew she would be happy and had found her forever home!"


Owen & Orchid's Adoption

Owen & Orchid in their furever home

From Owen & Orchid's Adopter:

"I originally saw NCCR via Petfinder as I daydreamed about fostering or adopting. I had suddenly and unexpectedly put down my rescued Samoyed in June 2018- he was my world, so I wasn't sure I'd ever adopt again. (Everyone who knows me was much more sure-undoubtedly sure). I reached out about Foster-to-Adopt so I could help, even if it turned out I wasn't ready to commit to adopting. 

Enter Owen

Once approved, many puppies were in a shelter needing a foster, so I picked the saddest, most-timid looking one I saw: Owen, listed by pen number only at that time. I figured if I were going to take a puppy, we would both likely be better off if he/she was less high-spirited. Owen was timid and sweet. He welcomed himself to my house by pooping on my white area rug as soon as I turned my back. He did not like his bath, but did not fight either. He calmed when he was held and he loved the attention and snuggles. Owen learned within 5 days to use puppy pads while I was at work, and to not nip at me. He was the easiest puppy ever! (Until....)

Enter Orchid

When I committed to adopting Owen, I expressed that I'd need to get him a pal once he was settled. I was informed that his sister Orchid was available, as the family who originally fostered her couldn't handle a puppy. So I took her in as a foster. She was clearly the spirited one, immediately showing her playfulness, energy, and bull-in-a-china-shop demeanor! She was (and still is) the fiesty leader. It rubbed off on Owen too. I couldn't split them up, so I adopted Orchid too.

The "O" Puppies Together

These two were thicker than thieves and exactly what they needed. But behaviors developed due to sibling rivalry and Owen's refusal to return to his submissive role after being a King of the castle while alone, and Orchid's dislike of no longer being Queen. We've had some nasty fights, and went to a "dog whisperer" friend who truly helped redo their training. They're still puppies, but they're both smart and learning their new roles. They dislike being separated, and are quite vocal about it. Owen still dislikes baths and checks on me while I shower- he used to stand guard; now he just pops in and out of the bathroom to make sure I'm still alive. He is the lovable one, but sneakily mischievous, and adept at getting things blamed on his sister. He's become a much stronger and confident boy, and he's getting bigger every day. Orchid is still the beautiful and mischievous girl; much like Scrappy-Doo, knowing how to balance the cute and the feist to just be adorable. She is listening better and allowing others to see her better qualities now that her manners are improving. (Rarely running and jumping on everyone's head for attention now)  She is dramatic and loves to play fetch. They both are great walkers and love to play together. They sound beautiful when they howl together. They behave well at the vet's office (if Owen is carried in), and are well-received by others. Friends who have seen them growing up have noticed the changes. Physically, they also are looking more different as they grow. Owen can't decide what kind of ears he wants: they usually both floppy, but when I picked him up he had one up, one down, which he returns to fairly often. On a rare occasion, he'll let both stick up, making him look like a serious black Shepard. His Shepard brown is showing more in his paws and legs, while Orchid's coat is getting lighter in spots. She has the same ears as her birth momma, and maybe some day she'll grow into them. They're quite opposite, but I love them both so much, and I am so grateful they came into my life."

Ada's Adoption

Ada in her new furever home (and with her new best friends!)

From Ada's Adopters:

"I can’t thank you all at Nickel City enough for allowing us to adopt Ada. She is a very special dog and has made big strides in the few days she’s been with us. She first came to us as a scared dog and it broke my heart. She was frightened to even walk through our front door/explore our home but after a few days of unconditional love she’s walking around very comfortable. Both our dogs passed away In 2018 and we didn’t know when the time would be “right” to adopt a new fur baby, but we knew we wanted to rescue from a shelter. After meeting Ada at a shelter event in June, I realized in my heart now is the time. My husband, kids, and I are absolutely IN LOVE WITH HER!! She has found her “People”. At night she’s been bed surfing between our bed and our 7 year old son's bed. She’s doing great interacting with other dogs and going on fun new adventures with us. 

In closing I just want to include how absolutely WONDERFUL Marge (Ada’s foster mom) was!!!! She’ll forever be a significant person to our family. Her love for Ada was very clear and we’re very thankful for everything she did for Ada!!"

Thank you for reading Ada, Owen, and Orchid's story!