Foster-to-Adopt Program


This program is a wonderful way to see if a dog is the right fit for you and your family prior to committing to adoption.  The foster-to-adopt program is designed to allow families to select a dog directly from a shelter that is in need of rescue and to foster the dog for a one-week trial basis to ensure the dog is a great match.

When you “foster-to-adopt”, you will pick up the selected dog directly from being transported from the shelter.  You will foster the dog for 7 days to evaluate whether your home is the right forever home for this dog.  After 7 days, you must decide between adopting the dog, or fostering the dog until a proper forever family is located to adopt the dog. 

If you decide to adopt the dog, you have three days to complete the adoption contract and submit it along with the adoption fee to NCCR.  The dog is the property of NCCR until we receive your signed contract and payment.

In order to be approved for this program, you must submit an application that includes a veterinary reference (if applicable) and personal references.  A home visit will be conducted by one of our volunteers.  Foster-to-adopt homes are held to the same standards that we would expect from our foster homes.  In addition, applicants must sign the foster-to-adopt agreement which requires compliance with all of the foster-to-adopt terms and conditions.

Benefits of the Foster-to-Adopt Program:

  • You have a longer time (7 days) to spend with the dog to get to know their true personality, as opposed to a brief meet & greet if you are adopting a dog that is currently in a foster home.

  • You get to select the dog you are interested in and are in control of whether or not you will opt to adopt the dog.  Adopting from dogs that are already in foster homes can be competitive, particularly for highly-desirable dogs and puppies.

  • Because you are picking up the dog directly from being transported from the shelter in most cases, you will better understand the hardships these dogs have been through and will get to experience “rescuing the dog” more fully.


While there are benefits to the program, challenges may include:

  • In most cases, your home will be the first stop after a dog leaves the shelter.  Your dog may be dirty, scared, tired and will need to decompress, just like they would in a foster home.  There has not been an opportunity for them to relax and get “prettied up” for a meet & greet with you.

  • If you decide the dog isn’t the right match, you have committed to foster until another foster or approved adopter is ready.  You cannot decide you don’t want to adopt the dog and immediately hand the dog over to someone.  We will work to find a new home for the home as soon as practicably possible.

We believe this is an incredibly rewarding program, both for adopters and the dogs they are saving!  Our rescue will support you throughout the process and help with any questions or concerns you may have.

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