Volunteer Resources

While application processing is the most common form of volunteering, if you are interested in volunteering within a certain area of the rescue, please contact a member from the leadership team. 

If you sign up to complete an application we expect the home visit to be able to be completed within 1 week from receiving the application.  

Application Processing Guidelines

Initiating Contact

Once you get the application, please call, text, and/or email the applicant within 24hrs to notify them that you have received the app and will be the volunteer processing it. Keep in mind some of these phone numbers may be landlines so one text is not enough, we must call. You can then begin with the reference calls and vet check.

Verify Town Limits

To verify town limits, Call the Town Clerk and verify the dog limit for that address and make sure no complaints have been against the address. We do have a town and city limit form that you can reference quickly (printable below and table included. If the applicant is at their limit of dogs you do not need to process further; notify a leadership member and they will contact the applicant.

Vet Check (current or past pet within the last 2 years)

Ask them to release permission to their vet if they haven't done so already. Call the vet and verify that their pets are:

  1. UTD on Rabies and Distemper? Parvo for puppies?
    • Pets requiring rabies: cats, dogs, and ferrets
  2. Current pets spayed or neutered? (If not, ask why and discuss with Leadership)
  3. Past pets spayed or neutered? (If not, ask why, thoroughly explain our spay/neuter policy, and discuss with Leadership)
  4. Any major health issues with the pet that should have been treated?
  5. Have they come in regularly to tend to the needs of the pet?
  6. Cats
    1. Indoor cats, outdoor cats, barn cats (any friendly cat being fed/cared for) should be fixed and UTD on rabies
    2. Feral cats being fed should be fixed or in the process of attempting to trap and fix at a minumum

Personal References

The personal references cannot be a family member or significant other. If they are, please contact the applicant and ask for new ones.

Required Questions:

  1. Can you tell me how you know the applicant and how long you have known them?
  2. Ask about the applicant's pet ownership history. Do you know their current dogs or have you know their past dogs? Have the dogs seemed happy and healthy?
  3. Would you trust the applicant to watch your own pets?
  4. Have they ever given up an animal? If so, ask why?
  5. How are their current pets with other dogs and/or kids?
  6. Do you feel the applicant is financially able to care for dog?
  7. Do you feel the applicants are capable and have enough time to give a new dog the training, grooming, socialization, exercise and playtime they need?
  8. Do you support them adding another pet to their family?


View copy of lease or pet policy to ensure dogs are allowed.

Any restrictions on breed, size, amount of dogs, etc. needs to be written under the restrictions section on the approval card.

Home Visit

  • Explain where our dogs come from and how often we do transport.
    • Most of our dogs come from high kill shelters in southern states, but we also take in dogs from local shelters or local owner surrenders.
  • Hold times with foster until available for adoption
    • Puppies 5 months or younger are on hold for 10 days and all others 5 days
  • Explain dogs lists/meet and greet process
    • Be sure to check Facebook and the website often; every 24 hours is recommended. Please read the dogs bio as it will have any requirements or restrictions for an adopter’s home listed.
    • To get on a dog’s list, send a direct message on Facebook or email through website on the name of the dog you would like to meet along with your name and phone. We ask you to limit to three.
    • Your name will be given to the foster. The foster will contact interested applicants in the order of the names they receive.
    • If you would like to see multiple dogs at once, please go to an adoption event. We list the names of the dogs that will be there. If a dog will not be there, it could be that the foster was unable to attend or the dog has enough interest.
  • You have 24 hours to decide if you would like to adopt after the meet & greet
  • Application is good for 6 months
  • Adoption fee includes all age appropriate vaccines, spay/neuter, flea and tick treatment, heartworm tested for dogs older than 6 months, and microchip.
  • The foster will have all relevant information in regards to the dog including questions on personality and potty training progress.
  • You will need a collar, leash, and dog tag with your name and phone number in order to pick-up the dog or the foster bring the dog to you if you decide to adopt**
  • We try to spay/neuter dogs while in foster. However, if it has not been done, the foster will have already set up an appointment that we ask the adopter to keep. More information will be provided when finalizing adoption.

Ground for Denial (Examples)

  • Cats or dogs in home that were not UTD AND FIXED when doing vet check
  • Applicant is already at or over city/town dog limit
  • Personal references strongly indicate they do not believe the applicant should adopt a dog
  • House seems to be very unsafe or a hoarding atmosphere
  • It is mentioned that one of the home owners (spouse) is not on board
  • If one of the home owners is not present; must speak to them on the phone before approving
  • Dog will be left in an outdoor kennel or tethered
  • Fencing has too large of gaps between ground and fence, holes, slats missing, or needs to be repaired; application on hold until fixed
  • Potential owners do not have a plan or commitment to walk dogs or keep dogs on a leash if they do not have a fenced in yard

Final Decision on Approval

Each section of the application (reference calls, vet check, and homevisit) MUST be noted in the application under the applicable section.

If the applicant is approved, give the applicant an approval card. Any restrictions should be written on the card and documented in petstablished. Then update the status of the application to approved in the “Change Application Status” Section.

If you believe the applicant should be denied, do not give them an approval card. Notify a member of the Board of Directors and they will send an email notifying them of the reason for denial and mark the applicant as denied in Petstablished.

If an application is withdrawn for reasons such as no reply, adopted elsewhere, or changed mind, please “Archive” the application and note the reason.

Dog Limits 

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*Adopter cheat sheet can be sent to adopters after approval to explain how to be added to dogs lists