Become a Life Saving Foster

** Please note that foster applications will take longer to process than normal due to coronavirus. These applications require in person home visits which depend on if a volunteer is comfortable and available. 
Fostering is a crucial part of the animal rescue world 
  • Fostering highly increases an animal’s chance of getting adopted. Animals in foster care tend to be better socialized, better adjusted to living as a pet. It also helps potential adopters get to see what a great personality the animal has in a home setting.

  • Some animals are not ready to be adopted immediately. In addition to needing extra love and care, they have to learn to trust people and to live in a human environment. Foster parents help these animals by providing a temporary home until the animal is ready for adoption.

  • You feel good, your shelter or rescue group helps more animals, and your foster pet is happy, healthy, and well-socialized. Talk about win-win-win!

How To Get Started: Fill out a foster application

Fostering means taking a dog into your home and treating him or her as your own pet for a temporary period of time. The average time for fostering is approximately 2 weeks, but some dogs get adopted in as little as 5 days, some take a month or more depending on a lot of different factors. 


Kelsey S.

NCCR allows you to choose a dog to foster that best matches your interest - puppy or adult,  a dog that needs to be re-homed or one that was abandoned. NCCR pays for all expenses related to your foster dog, including food, vaccinations a crate and toys.  The foster parent provides the love and support needed for the dog to adjust to a home environment until a forever family adopts the dog.

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Alexis A.

Fostering a dog is an opportunity to save a dog from a kill shelter and help a family find its perfect pet. As an NCCR foster parent, you offer your home, love  and animal skills to the dog of your choice until he is matched with the right forever family.

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Theresa M.

Love puppies but don’t want to add to your family?  Foster a puppy!  Fostering dogs is immediate gratification: you are saving a dog from a kill shelter and helping  a person find their best friend.


Patricia M.

As a new foster with Nickel City, I requested pulling an senior Chihuahua-mix with a number of health issues. The dog was very overweight, had eye problems, and tumors in her butt. Nickel City immediately agreed to pull her from a shelter down south and brought The dog up on the next transport. She was a hot mess. Aside from having difficulty walking due to her obesity, she was not producing tears, her eyes were almost completely closed due to the mucus secretions, and her anal problems were nasty and messy, but that didn’t deter our rescue from getting her the best treatment. The dog is now in a new foster home, her eyes are better, her tumors have been attended to, and she is almost at her ideal weight. She can look forward to happy and healthy years in her forever home. Some puppies and dogs are perfect and ready to be adopted as soon as they arrive; others take time, love, and money to get them in the best shape for adoption. Thanks to the tireless volunteers, no dog is ignored or left to a terrible fate if Nickel City has anything to say about it. Fostering is not glamorous. Fostering takes energy, love, and patience. It also means that you will say goodbye to an animal that you have fallen in love with. That’s the job. The sadness fades as you remember that the one you miss is now forever safe. And you are free to fall in love all over again.