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Adoption Contract

This will be on the right side behind all the medical records and an envelope. 

When filling out the form, in the top right corner circle Y or N if the dog has been spayed or neutered. Then check the associated box (a or b) under bullet #3.

Check the box with the adopter's form of payment. This helps us track how adoptions fees are coming in and make sure we don't miss any!

The adopter must initial after the appropriate bullet for spay/neuter.options.

If the dog is not fixed yet (bullet 3, option a) review and strongly emphasize the timeline the adopter has to complete the procedure, this is per NYS Dept. of Agriculture and is required by law. Explain that this should be scheduled asap. If the adopter does not comply with the timeline, this is considered breach of contract and the dog could be returned to the rescue and adopter charged $1,000 for breach of contract.  

The adopter must keep the dog on a heartworm preventative for 1 full year after adoption. After the year they can discuss with their vet and choose to give hw preventative seasonally or year-round.

Have the adopter fully complete and sign the contract. Whoever's name is on the application should be the one filling and singing the contract, not a spouse or other person. Then make sure to sign as the NCCR Representative. 

The contract and payment should be mailed or returned asap! There is an stamped and addressed envelope in the folder. Cash cannot be mailed, so please contact a member of leadership team for pickup. 

There will be a Petco contract behind the adoption contract to be filled out as well. This helps the rescue receive grants based on our adoptions. 

The white copies of both the adoption and Petco contracts should be returned to the rescue. The yellow copies go back in the dog's folder for the adopter to keep. 

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