Looking to Adopt?

Thank you for your interest in adopting through Nickel City Canine Rescue! Below you will find our application. Once received, we will begin processing it as quickly as possible. Our process includes checking your personal and veterinarian references, a home visit, and a meet and greet. 

How does this process work?

Fill out the online application. Once received, a volunteer will be assigned to your application and will first call your references and contact your vet.

If you have current pets, or have had any in the last 2 years...they must be up to date on required vaccinations and spayed/neutered. Required vaccinations include rabies for both dogs and cats and distemper/parvo for dogs. Kennel cough/Bordatella is highly recommended but not required for dogs. If current animals are not vaccinated, and spayed/neutered, the application will be denied

After calls have been completed, the volunteer will contact you and set up a home visit. Please keep in mind this is a VOLUNTEER doing this in their free time, it may not happen immediately.

Once the home visit is completed and if you are approved, you will receive an approval card and can then express interest in a dog.

Once Approved: Choose your dog

Email or Facebook message the rescue stating your name on the application, the dog(s) you are interested in, and the best way to contact you. 

Your name will be placed on the dogs list. This is a first come first serve basis where we accept up to 5 names on each dogs list. You are NOT guaranteed a meet and greet as there may be people ahead of you on the list.

The dogs foster will reach out to set up a meet and greet. If both the foster and adopter feel it is a right fit, the adoption may be finalized.

If a dog gets adopted by another person ahead of you on their list, you will be notified and the dog will be removed from our available dogs album. Feel free to message or email for an update. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@nickelcitycaninerescue.org.

Dog Lover

Adoption Fees

We are an individual, private rescue comprised solely of volunteers. All donations and adoption fees are applied toward caring for our dogs, including vet bills, medications, follow-up visits, rechecks, and other expenses. Any donation is always welcome, and very much needed.

  • Dogs up to 7 Years old $375 

  • Senior Dogs (7+ years old) $175

PLEASE NOTE: You must be 21 or older to adopt.

All of our adoption fees include the following:

  • Spay/Neuter

  • Age appropriate vaccinations

  • Deworming

  • Flea/tick treatment

  • Heartworm test (if the dog is over 6 months of age)

  • Microchip​ insertion and Registration

  • Martingale Collar and Leash

We offer a $50 refund of your adoption fee if you complete an obedience class within 6 months of adoption and email proof of completion.